May Announcements & Price Changes Coming Soon

Dear Clients,

At The Cube, we value our clients and staff. We are committed to offering flexible training that fits with your lifestyle. Whether it be personal training, partner training, classes or a combination, you receive what is best for your personal growth. 

We believe that fitness should be personalized to meet your goals.  Each individual should have the opportunity to reach their goals through a variety of movement and be able to try new and challenging programs.

Fortunately, we have not had a rate increase since 2017. To continue to offer a variety of new and exciting classes we will be increasing our rates effective June 15th. The increase in rates are a result of increased costs associated with staff wages, everyday supplies and building costs. Personal training increases will cover these costs directly. At this time, we will not be increasing class fees. There will continue to be no charge for registration or schedule changes.

You are allowed to purchase the existing rates up until that time the new rates are as follows-

Personal Training

One 30 minute PT $46

Ten 30 minute PT $410

One 60 minute PT $76

Ten 60 minute PT $660

Partner Personal Training

One 30 minute partner PT $66

Ten 30 minute partner PT $610

One 60 minute partner PT $96

Ten 60 minute partner PT $860

Corporate Training

One 30 minute corporate training $160

Ten 30 minute corporate training $960

One 60 minute corporate training $210

Ten 60 minute corporate training $1410

Thank you for being such an important part of this beautiful community we will thrive♥️


Carolyn Rose Lake

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